These are the UK's BEST dog and owner lookalikes

15 Oct 2019 09:53
Published by: Daniel Almond


A competition to find the UK’s best dog-owner lookalikes has had hundreds of entries from people up and down the country who believe they look like their four-legged friends. 



The competition showcases hilarious spitting image snaps of dogs and their owners, from matching hair colour and styles, to like-for-like beards, matching outfits and identical expressions.

Dog-friendly cottages provider Canine Cottages is running the contest, with each entrant sending in photos through social media to showcase their best images in the hope of winning.

Entries have been whittled down by a strict dog-loving panel, leaving only 50 in with a chance of winning the ultimate DOGpelganger title. 


Joe Caley from Canine Cottages comments: “In a recent report featured by the BBC, research showed people are more likely to choose a dog that shares similar physical attributes to them. 

“Here at Canine Cottages we like a challenge and wanted to see whether there’s any truth behind this theory - the response we have had is unbelievable!


“It’s now up to the public to help us decide which of our final 50 entries is most deserving of the title, so please get voting!”


Entries have included people going to extreme lengths to dress up as their pet companion and even one submission from an owner whose pooch had matching heterochromia iridis (two different coloured eyes).

To view the final 50 entries and vote for your favourite duo, visit the Canine Cottages website.


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