Raring to go!

22 Jul 2022 09:53
Published by: Scott Callan

ALTRINCHAM FC boss Phil Parkinson is quietly confident that his new full-time squad can have a good National League campaign despite not being big in numbers.
As the countdown to the new season continues, he told the club’s official website: “We are not going to be a massive squad, probably around 18, which will be thin for us. But we will get stronger season-on-season.
“There will probably be a few injuries, and we have had one or two niggles already this pre-season, but if we can get through it with the majority of key players fit and ready, I’m quietly confident we can have a really good season.”
Looking at the decision to go full-time he said: “The league has massively changed compared to back in the day when we played Runcorn and Leatherhead.
“Those would be the big teams back then, whereas now it’s Notts County, Stockport County, Chesterfield, Torquay and Grimsby, big Football League names.
“This division is full of them, and that is why we have done what we have done, because we want to survive and hopefully thrive at this level. To do that, we needed the transition from part-time to full-time.
“The club is steeped in part-time football and being so successful that way, but I would rather challenge and try to take us on to the next level than accept we are part-time little Alty. We are not that any more. We want to aim higher.”
He added: “The biggest thing for me, going full-time, is that the planning is going to be much deeper and more thorough than when we were part-time.
“I think the way to describe it is we are giving ourselves the best possible opportunity to do well in this division.”
Parkinson is also pleased at the way his squad his taking shape as he continues to strengthen. He said: “I truly believe this squad has got levels in it.
“That doesn’t mean we are going to get promoted this season, but what it does mean is the future of Altrincham is very bright.
“It is in good hands with these players and, whatever happens, we have got a young, hungry, talented squad who I feel can really make a few waves this season.”
He added: “I really feel we have a really tight-knit group who are young, hungry and talented and proven at the level they have played at.
“They have been successful and have suffered very few injuries between them, so I’m happy and confident about them taking us into this new era.”

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