Tatton Park plants herbs for hospital urgent care staff

13 May 2020 11:23
Published by: Scott Callan


Urgent Care nurses and doctors at Trafford General Hospital have received a gift from the gardening team at Tatton Park.

The gift of freshly planted herbs from the Cheshire visitor attraction will now brighten up and fragrance their outdoor rest area.

The gardeners work year-round in Tatton Park’s 50-acre gardens and especially look forward to welcoming visitors in the spring when everything is in bloom.

The gardens provide joy and moments of peace to thousands of visitors each year. However, with the coronavirus crisis, the team has had to find new ways to share its work with local communities.

Owen Taylor, Tatton’s youngest gardener, received cancer treatment at Trafford General last year. It was his idea to support the nursing team in the Urgent Care Unit with a gift of plants and herbs to brighten up their outdoor rest area and provide a ‘moment of peace’.

Angela Rowe, senior community fundraising manager at Trafford General Hospital Charity, said: “The plants have been placed in a garden the staff can use on break times and they;re a very welcome addition to the space. It was very kind and thoughtful of the team at Tatton Park to think of our staff and make this lovely donation.”

Simon Tetlow, Tatton Park’s head gardener, took on the project with enthusiasm. He said: “We are delighted we can pass on a bit of our cherished gardens to our heroes in the NHS.

The garden team are giving the Urgent Care Unit potted maple trees under planted with soothing and medicinal herbs to provide low maintenance, high impact plants that can be enjoyed by all the staff on their breaks.

“Tatton Park has been working hard to also support many local food charities through these difficult times and the garden team are proud to be able to help in these small ways.”


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